Ball sector valves

Ramen KS ball sector valves (control valves) are durable and lasts long time. The circular opening reduces the risk of blockage and is less subject to wear in throttling position than the more slot-like flow in certain other types of control valves. Basic sizes are DN 25-400, other sizes also available. Ramén Ball Sector Valves are used as isolating and control valves for fluids, gases, turbid media and sludge. Many seal material and model options.

Rubber Lined Ball Sector Valves

The KSG is a rubber lined valve that offer extended resistance to wear and tear in the valve for slurries, gravel, iron ore and other highly abrasive media. The natural rubber used on the ball sector and in the house gives a valve with very long life span in any situation with maintained throttling characteristics. When a high end control valve is needed for tough media the Ramén KSG valve can be used in wafer and flanged design. Sizes DN 80-200.

Ramen ball sector valves

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