Large selection of different kind of valves for all locations. Our wide range of ball valves includes different sorts of body- and seat/seal materials. We store thread-, welded and with DIN flanges end valves and combinations of these. Butterfly valves with rubber lining and with teflon stem bushing are available from stock. We also have a wide range of special body and seal/seat materials. Gate valve selection is very comprehensive so we will find solution for corrosive mediums as for challenging locations.

Wide and high-quality selection also includes for example different kinds of control-, pressure regulators-, hose pinch-, gate and special valves as well as broad range of instrumentation valves.

World´s famous valve suppliers are for example Bray, Belven, Jamesbury, Axel Larsson, Sistag, Jordan/Richard Industries, MARS, M-tech, Ramén  etc.