Skilmatic SI3

Rotork has enhanced the specification by introducing the new SI 3rd generation which includes an extended range of spring-return actuators with a torque ranges of 2,000 Nm to 30,000 Nm. The new range of electrically operated actuators offers a wide range of operating speeds, additional ESD options with single or dual inputs, enhanced partial stroke testing and communication capabilities to meet a wide range of applications.

  • Failsafe, closed, open or in last position
  • Flameproof Ex d IIB/IIC T4 and watertight to a minimum IP67
  • Additional ESD options including dual inputs
  • Functional Safety to SIL 2 (1oo1) and SIL3 (1oo2) IEC 61508-2-2010
  • Partial Stroke Tests (PST) can be performed either via the Rotork Bluetooth® Setting Tool locally or remotely from the DCS or through network cards
  • PST measures the time to move to a set position while monitoring the pressure
  • All final elements are tested as part of the PST
  • PST results are recorded in the data logger, shown on the display with an option for remote pass / fail indication
  • Advanced dual stacked display presents valve and process data for asset management and data analysis
  • Large backlit HMI display. Low power version available for solar applications
  • Non-intrusive setting – no cover removal required using secure Bluetooth® wireless connection
  • Configurable datalogger functionality including service alarms
  • Increased functionality over network cards including Pakscan, Profibus®, Foundation Fieldbus®, Modbus® and HART®
  • Operating temperature available from -50 to +70 °C

Rotork SI3


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