Bray Control is proud to offer a high quality line of butterfly valves to meet the requirements of today’s market. Bray valves have longer life time, greater reliability, ease of parts replacement and interchangeability of components. Bray unique seat design provide lower torque.

Belven – butterfly valves with rubber lining, cast iron body and acid proof disc. Also available with PTFE or PFA coating seat, and with polished disc for food processing.

4-offset butterfly valves.

Jamesbury 815/830 series butterfly valves. Valves are meant for demanding places where reliability is important.

AL 40-41 series butterfly valves. Body siluminium, gasket can be changed, steel disc or AISI 316.

T.I. S butterfly valves, between flanges and with flanges, size range up to DN2500 in pressure PN10-40.
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Fluidcontrol Oy was founded in 1989. We have served Finnish industry already for 20 years. Our clientele consist of machine builders, petrochemical-, paper-, wood-, pulp-, and chemical industry in general. Refinery- and power plant technology is very important field for us, so challenge us!