FC – ball valves selection has 2 and 3 part valves. Our standard stocking valves are full port, thread, welding, thread/welding and with DIN flanges ends.

BV 4 series are Split body type ball valves with flanges. Sizes range is DN 15 to 300. Flange types are DIN, ANSI 150 and ANSI 300 lbs. Face to face are according to DIN 3203 F18 or ANSI B16.10.

Bray Controls has very high quality ball valve series. Thread- , welding- and flange ends. 3 part valves ¼” – 12”. Basic body and ends materials are CF8M/AISI 316L and WCB. They have also Acid – proof valves. Flanged valves ½” – 12”.
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Fluidcontrol Oy was founded in 1989. We have served Finnish industry already for 20 years. Our clientele consist of machine builders, petrochemical-, paper-, wood-, pulp-, and chemical industry in general. Refinery- and power plant technology is very important field for us, so challenge us!