Rotork is the foundation of our actuator range. Rotork is the world´s largest actuator manufacturer. Therefore we have actuators for every situation. Challenge us and we will prove it to you. Pneumatic, hydraulic, electric, electro hydraulic actuators, manual- and motorized gears and special actuators for example Rotork CVA and Skilmatic.

Our selection also includes; Bray, WM Regler, Centork, K-Tork, Schischek and Remote Control.

All the actuators can be controlled by a variety of bus systems according to your choice. Rotork´s actuators are very suitable for locations where reliable, safe and user friendly products are required. Rotork IQ-series is a good example that covers all demanding conditions.

Fail safe actuators for example Rotork´s CVA and Skilmatic range enable difficult and hazardous locations safe fitting with reliable actuators.

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Fluidcontrol Oy was founded in 1989. We have served Finnish industry already for 20 years. Our clientele consist of machine builders, petrochemical-, paper-, wood-, pulp-, and chemical industry in general. Refinery- and power plant technology is very important field for us, so challenge us!