Rotork Skilmatic

ROTORK Skilmatic - Series

These compact electro-hydraulic actuators are used in quarter-turn-and linear applications. Set up is as easily done as in IQ actuators. They are suitable for on/off, modulating and emergency shutdown duties in applications up to SIL 3.

  • Linear thrust output 1.7 to 5500kN.
  • Quarter-turn torque output 65 to 600,000Nm
  • Single-, three-phase or 24VDC power supply options.
  • Non-intrusive infrared setting & configuration..
  • LCD display for position, pressure, diagnostics and fault indication.
  • Optional bus communications via all major protocols..
  • Partial stroke test capability..
  • Watertight or explosionproof.
  • Double-sealed terminal compartment.
  • ATEX, FM, CSA, IEC and GOST certified.

Contact: Petri Seraste

Rotork Skilmatic

Skilmatic Range

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