The RC range is an extremely compact pneumatic actuator. Its scotch yoke design is particularly suited for valves with high start or end torque requirements. It is available in double-acting and spring-return configurations with torque output up to 4,400Nm (38,700 lbf-in).

The RC200 range is available in a variety of configurations and an extensive range of options and accessories is available.

Contact: Jani Collan, Janne Lehtinen

RC200 Range Configurations:
RC200 Standard
RCC200 Steel Cylinder
RCC200 Firesafe
RC88 High Torque Compact Actuator
RCR 180 Degree Actuator
RC200-DOS Dosing Actuator

RC200 Range Options/Accessories:
M1 Manual Override
RCT Extra Corrosion Protection
RCE4 and RCE4L Switch Box
RCE10 Switch Box
RC1990 Explosion Proof Switch Box
RCIND Inductive Limit Switch
RC Mounting Kits

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