Rotork IQT-Series


Intelligent electric actuator which can be connected to fieldbus control systems. Actuator´s programming can be done by using a clear display, PDA or computer. IQ multi-turn actuator gives 14 – 3000Nm and higher torques when combined with IS or IB gearbox, up to 40,800 Nm (30,000 lbf-ft). Quarter-turn when combined with IW gearbox up to 250,000 Nm (185,000 lbf-ft).

IQT can be mounted at any operating angle. The rugged construction is double-sealed to prevent water and dust ingress even during the wiring. IQT torque range 50 – 2000Nm. Variable output speed. Secure self-locking output for butterfly valves and dampers without the use of additional brakes. IQT are easy and secure to use.

  • Available for three-phase, single-phase or DC supplies
  • Multiport controller option.
  • EX, FM and WT.
  • In addition S, CSA and GOST certifications and food grade oil / grease

Rotork IQ
Rotork IQT

IQ Pro range

IQ Range installation & maintenance
IQT Range installation & maintenance

IQ size 1


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