FC –Ball valves

FC – ball valves selection has 2 and 3 part valves. Our standard stocking valves are full port, thread, welding, thread/welding and with DIN flanges ends. Body material CF8M/AISI 316L and basic seat/seal material are CPTFE but we have a lot of others possibilities. Sizes are DN 8 to 100. Pressure class is PN64. Valves are well suited in process industry and water lines.

Contact: Jani Collan , Janne Lehtinen

2-part thread ends PN 64
3-part thread end PN 64
3-part long welding ends PN 64
3-part flange ends PN 64


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Fluidcontrol Oy was founded in 1989. We have served Finnish industry already for 20 years. Our clientele consist of machine builders, petrochemical-, paper-, wood-, pulp-, and chemical industry in general. Refinery- and power plant technology is very important field for us, so challenge us!