AB and 232


Rotork Gears manufactures very extensive selection of different kind of gears. AB-Series is one of the most popular manual gears along with 232-series. Inexpensive manual gear makes it possible to equip valve with a gear which has torque range up to 32 000 Nm. The AB range are intended for applications of chemical, power, waterworks, HVAC and most general industrial applications. Torque range standard up to 500 000 Nm.

Manual gears: Jani Collan
Motorized gears: Jani Indrén, Petri Seraste

Rotork AB

AB Quarter-turn
With limit switches 232LX
With limit switches ABLX


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Fluidcontrol Oy was founded in 1989. We have served Finnish industry already for 20 years. Our clientele consist of machine builders, petrochemical-, paper-, wood-, pulp-, and chemical industry in general. Refinery- and power plant technology is very important field for us, so challenge us!